iZettle Online Partner Program

Are you running a blog or website, or do you have a large social network? We are constantly looking for great partners to help us spread the word about iZettle. 

To become an iZettle Partner you need to run a serious business with a registered company. We are only looking for reliable, long-term collaborations. 

We are running our partner program in the EU, and we will only accept an application if your company is based in any of the markets where we are present. 

In a Nutshell...

Your referral registers with us − you get paid!

Commission For all countries in the EU
Per Registration €15

Our Model in Brief

Firstly, we pay you €15 per registration referred from you. The total amount will be invoiced by you based on numbers provided from Hasoffers. You can invoice us monthly if your commission is greater than €50. If not, the amount in your account will be rolled over to the next month. Remember that you are responsible for invoicing us, and that you need to do so no later than 90 days after the conversion took place.

Read our Terms & Conditions for all details. 

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